Test to Live ©

Enroll Now for the Preventative Measures Test To Live©,  COVID-19 Medical Testing Program

The Test To Live©, program, offered by Preventative Measures, provides employers, organizations, and institutions ongoing testing. Through this program, every employee, will be tested for COVID-19 every day, weekly or as often as you request, and will receive test results within 48-72 hours.

With this knowledge, everyone can have a peace of mind and take the necessary Covid protocol actions based on their test results. Employers can focus on running their business with a productive, confident workforce that can serve their customers better. Preventative Measures Covid-19 Testing Program is No-COST to you, for all Covid-19 Tests including administration and logistics services. 

Businesses need to test 100% of their employees for COVID-19 in order to:

  • Re-open business
  • Restore a productive workforce and welcome employees back to a safe workplace
  • Meet customer demand for goods & services and to generate revenue
  • Ensure customer and employee confidence by creating a safe and healthy environment to work
  • Stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus for all

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Education / schools

SCHOOLS K-12 + Colleges & Universities

Together with Preventative Measures and you (Schools, Colleges & Universities) along with our Covid-19 testing program, schools can now provide a safe in-person learning environment.

Getting back to school is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Regular testing is a key component in reopening schools. Testing improves the timeliness of detection and the ability to rapidly respond to positive COVID-19 Virus cases, that would have otherwise gone undetected. Partnering with Preventative Measure’s testing program can provide teachers, staff and administration the peace of mind to return to a classroom setting.

The Hill at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We will guarantee your test supply and the test quality.

Test collection for your population will be quick and easy.  Also, the onsite completed tests are packaged for an easy return to our Preventative Measures medical lab site via FedEx.

Preventative Measures can GUARANTEE you with as many COVID-19 PCR diagnostic test kits that you will need to test your entire population inclusive of all students from grades K through 12, faculty and staff. Your testing can be implemented immediately because we have the expertise and capacity to handle large volumes of tests. Also, we can test everyone as often as you may request. Our PCR Nasal Swab Test Kits are 100% accurate. The tests have been designed to be easy for the student’s comfort, it just takes a gentle nasal swab which can be completed in less than a minute.

Our Results are provided to school administration and individual test-takers within 48-72 hours of lab receipt of the test.   The results are delivered digitally through our web-portal so school administrators can see all results, teachers can be confident their classroom is free of COVID-19, and the families have access to the results for their enrolled students.

Our Covid Testing Program solution saves schools and districts money without sacrificing accuracy or response time. Our program is 100% no-cost to the schools. We even provide nurses for your testing site to administer the tests.

You can feel confident that our testing expertise and process allows school districts to re-open, stay open, and keep everyone safe. Your school can not afford to let fears and anxiety around the COVID-19 Viruses be the reason that students, faculty and staff don’t return to school. That’s why our goal and focus will always be making a safer environment for the students and staff, so they can continue to focus on higher education.



Business Employers

Preventative Measures Is Empowering Businesses to reopen, stay open, and prosper during this Pandemic with our COVID-19 Testing and Screening Program for offices and workplaces.

The concerns over coronavirus have many employers and employees feeling uncomfortable with returning to the office, or workplace. In fact, fears of COVID-19 infection and outbreak have forced many employees to quit their jobs and employers to shut down their businesses. Many economists believe fears over COVID-19 may actually put entire businesses at risk of permanent and irreparable collapse.

There will be many businesses who will rise above this current pandemic event. Those who have implemented exceptional COVID-19 testing and screening measures in their work place will continue to prosper. Businesses across the country are partnering with Preventative Measures to implement our accurate coronavirus testing program and screening procedure, to ensure that employees are comfortable in returning to work, clients are comfortable resuming business, and customers are comfortable visiting the business in person.

Preventative Measures is a preferred one-stop partner in COVID-19 testing. Also, in addition to providing our on-site testing, Preventative Measures can mail you our diagnostic COVID-19, self-collected nasal swab test kits (A Rapid Testing 20-Minute Test) to the homes of your employees.

Businessman watching the New York City on the rooftop of skyscraper

Criminal Justice Correctional Facilities

Prisons and Jails

Preventative Measures is a Covid-19 company that recognizes the security environment and the criminal justice institutional requirements. Also, we take important steps to have our Covid team, follow strict directions, policies, and procedures to maintain a level of awareness that will keep everyone safe and out of harm’s way. Therefore, Preventative Measures is capable to conduct a professional service that can meet your standards as well as ours. One of the primary things that sets us apart are as follows:

  • Precise Identification Tracking on each tested employees, guard, inmate, and vendors
  • Providing a Customized Testing Service for each Correctional Facility.
  • Authorized Laboratory website portal access to review all Covid-19 testing results on every employee, guard, inmate, or any vendor.
  • Implementing a customized strategic logistic approach regarding the security environment within the correctional facilities.